Julia Bohren

Kukulcan Mobile Game 2021 Kukulcan is a mobile puzzle game where players slip into the role of Kukulcan, the Mayan snake deity. It can drop off parts of its tail to create stairs, bridges, plug fountains and much more. This is a crucial feature to solve the puzzle since only a limited length can be used in each level. Moveable boxes, lava lakes, teleporters and further exciting abilities will challenge the players' wit and creativity. VISIT WEBSITE

Team Andres Bucher Joëlle Tobler Soundtrack by Jan Kohl

Kukulcan was presented at: 2020 GDC - San Francisco, USA 2020 Nordic Game - Malmö, Sweden 2020 BIG Festival, Brazil 2020 Ludicious - Zurich, Switzerland 2019 EyeMyth - Mumbai, India 2019 Hero Fest - Bern, Switzerland 2019 Gamescom - Cologne, Germany 2019 Zurich Game Show, Zurich, Switzerland Kukulcan was referenced in an article by games.ch and Games und Lyrik


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